Monday, November 9, 2009

Location Based Services, Mobile Software and Dynamic Mobile Inventories

In a series of articles on the blog Mobile Strategies for Businesses the topic of dynamic and perishable inventories as they relate to LBS (location based services) and mobile handhelds and Smart phones is discussed. In summary, the article proposes LBS solutions that notify subscribers within a certain distance of the store location about limited and time sensitive discounts through email and text message alerts.

Here is an additional scenario to consider - mobile inventories in trucks or delivery vans can follow a route, and as they approach each store location the LBS alert is sent out announcing to subscribers within a 3 mile radius of the limited time discount of certain products in the delivery vehicle.

It may be that the alert will attract a small group at each store, and after visiting 9 stores the inventory is all sold. However, if the inventory was only announced at one store, it would not have sold. This is an interesting concept for retailers to consider.

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